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The School of Foreign Languages is Exploring and Improving the New Model of English Teaching

At the end of the spring semester of 2015, the School of Foreign Languages added two courses for the 2013 undergraduate students who have passed the CET-6 --Civil Engineering English TranslationandOral Practice of Architecture English. These courses are respectively taught by a newly-introduced Doctor and a foreign teacher and widely welcomed by the students. This is a new practice which aims to promote and improve the teaching model for the students who have passed the CET-6.

Since the spring semester of 2012, in order to create the conditions for the students who learned English at a higher starting point and have spare capacity to achieve higher requirements, the School of Foreign Languages has actively explored English teaching reform and re-built customized curriculum modules for the students who have passed the CET-6. What’s more, the School gives the students more initiative, adds more practical courses and opens elective courses for the students who have passed CET-6. Based on the features of the knowledge structure of the architecture universities, the School Foreign of Languages has incorporated the following courses into classroom teaching for the students who have passed CET-6:English for Business Negotiations,English Readings in International Project Management,Practical English Writing for International Project Management,English Readings for Architecture, etc. It reflects the characteristics of our university which is featured by architecture and civil engineering. It also improves the combination of the basic knowledge, cross-cultural English applications and architectural expertise, promotes the full training and continuous improvement of the students' English proficiency and is welcomed and praised by more and more students.

Now, through continuous improvement, the English teaching mode “Reading, Writing and Translation + Online Autonomous Learning + X module” is becoming perfect gradually. This new teaching module is put into practice widely and has become a new college teaching module which is suitable for our university.

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