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Students of Our University Achieved Outstanding Results in FLTRP - Jingdong Cup National College English Debating Competition

April 17 - 19, the 18 th "FLTRP - Jingdong Cup National College English Debating Competition was held at Liaoning University. 44 representative teams from different universities participated in this competition. Mao Zhen and Jiang Xiaoshan won the third prize after 5 rounds of intense competition.

"FLTRP Cup" National College English Debating Competition was successfully held for 18 years, which is currently one of the biggest and highest level of English debate tournaments. The topics include the retirement, labor export and other hot issues of the social change, in order to improve the students' oral English level and cultivate innovative thinking, and lead the students concerned about the current hot issues. During the competition, the outstanding performance of our representative team was appreciated by the judges.

It is reported that during the trials in 2014, the leaders of the school of foreign languages attached great importance to it, and arranged instructors to offer careful guidance and training, which not only laid a solid foundation of good performance, but also accumulated valuable experience for further development of English debate tournament.

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